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FPC Flex boards

Material Structure: Double-side tape and low loss yellow covered film and(Copper+Tape+High Frequency Ployimide base material+Tape+Copper)+low loss yellow covered film PCB Thickness: 0.1-0.35mm Stiffen: PI/FR4/Stainless Steel ENIG/OSP/Nickel Palladium Gold Impedance: Yellow Film and White Legend Print Copper Thickness: 0.5/1/2 oz Minimium Line Width and Line Space: 2mil

HDI Blind and Buried Via

Layer/PCB Thickness: 4-20 Layers/0.4-3.0MM Minimum Hole Size: 0.10mm-0.15mm Surface Finish Type: HALF-LF/ENIG/OSP/Imm Ag/Imm Tin/Gold Plating Blind and Buried layer: 1-4 ;Any Layer; Filled Via Method:Plug with Resin(Vacuum Plug with Resin)/Electroplate Plug(VCP Automatic Via Filled with Imported Chemical) Products Type:FR4 HDI Blind and Buried/ High Frenquency Material+FR4 HDI Blind and Buried/High Frenquency Material HDIB lind and Buried:Samples and Mass Production Welcome

High Precision Impedance Boards

Layer/PCB Thickness/Copper Thickness: 2-20 layer/0.2-3.0MM/1-3oZ Line Width/Line Space: min 3/3mil Minimum Hole Size: 0.15mm Impedance Range: 50-125Ω Impedance Tolerance: +/-10% Product Type: General FR4 Boards with Impedance; High Frenquency Boards with Impedance; High Frenquency and FR mixed Impedance Boards Remark:We could provide Impedance Test Strip and Report

SMT Paster,Welding

X-ray and AOI Inspection to make sure the quality highest standards Technology Optimize to maximum boost the production efficiency and quality Fully incoming material inspection to make sure meet the specification and quality Military, Automatic Standards to fulfil the highest Quality requirment Professional PCBA Packing Standards,Static Free,Moistureproof,Quakeproof,Express-Post Proction

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